Eric Laurier - Principal Investigator.

A full-time researcher since 1995, Eric Laurier has worked on a number of projects concerned with documenting the lifeworlds of everyday places.

His over-riding concerns within the project are: how do they do that? What does this spatial phenomenon consist of in its ongoing production? Answering such questions stretches investigations between what is blindingly obvious and matters much more technical and arcane. His approach has affiliations with ethnomethdology, conversation analysis and social and cultural geography in a shared attention to social practice and accounts of that practice. For some time he has been utilising digital video technology for rendering social actions in diverse settings and subsequently building analyses based in these samples.

He only manages two cups of coffee a day.

Chris Philo - Co-investigator.

A truly wide-ranging thinker, Chris Philo has contributed to debates in the history of ideas, children's geographies, rural studies, the conditions of the socially disadvantaged, sporting cultures and the social life of animals amongst others. His primary interest remains in the history of madness and the interpretation of the work of Michel Foucault.

His over-riding concerns within the project are: why do they do that? By virture of what conditions is this space possible at this historical juncture? Answering such questions requires a painstaking attention to details and a patience with all manner of seemingly quite mundane discourses.

Previously he collaborated with Eric on an ESRC Project - 'Meet You At Junction 17 : a socio-technical and spatial study of the mobile office'. He is also currently working on another ESRC project concerned with mental health in the Scottish Highlands.

Chris drinks quite a few cups of coffee a day and makes use of the cafe as a workspace free of the disruptions of his office.